Sagent SA partners with e-Knowledge

Susan Andre2000

Sagent SA has formed a key partnership agreement with e-Knowledge to provide knowledge management solutions as components for a knowledge management framework. "In line with Sagent's international partnership policy, Sagent SA is willing to form local partnerships, particularly with application service providers (ASPs) like e-Knowledge, a new company in the MB Worksoft stable, and to add value to their solutions," says Paul Murphy, sales and marketing director for Sagent SA.

Sagent delivers an open, scalable solution to addresses the complete life cycle for e-business Intelligence, including development, production and ongoing management of a company's information assets. The knowledge management framework is a strategically aligned IT infrastructure able to tap into corporate data silos and information islands.

It enables concept-based views, and shows their relationship to one another and to other resources such as data warehouses, groupware, messaging systems, and the Internet. "The Sagent solution allows businesses to collect and analyse customer and operational data from existing systems and to incorporate the most current demographic, geographic and B2B information from third-party data content providers in real time," Murphy says. "It complements the workflow and the corroboration between the different components within the knowledge portal." According to Marcin Szyllo, MD of e-Knowledge, the Sagent solution extracts, transforms and delivers information to end-users.

"Sagent's software allows e-Knowledge to give decision makers true e-business Intelligence through a variety of delivery channels – the Web, e-mail, WAP enabled cell phones and digital dashboards. "The knowledge portal relies heavily on the quality and speed of information pumped through it. Sagent's technology gives us the confidence to bring interactive information in a variety of easy to understand charts and graphs, plus the ability to drill down to underlying analytical grids and pivot tables and finally down to the lowest applicable aggregation level of data.

" In addition Szyllo says Sagent software's architecture and COM+/DCOM components permit tight integration with various other components of the framework. "We no longer have to worry about disparate metadata formats and incompatibilities between traditional ETL and traditional front-end BI tools. Sagent does it all in one. "e-Knowledge firmly believes in using solutions based on best quality software," Szyllo adds.