Sagent and Hyperion leverage functionality with integrated BI tools

Susan Andre2000

Sagent Technology and Hyperion Solutions collaboration has resulted in the ability to use business intelligence models interchangeably between the two platforms.

Paul Murphy, marketing and sales director of Sagent SA, the e-analytics company and local representatives of Sagent Technology, says: "The problems associated with multi-tool business intelligence environments mean that a considerable amount of work has to be done to create the same models in the different solutions. This initiative means that businesses can combine the unique combined functionality of the Sagent Solution and Hyperion Integration Server (HIS)."

This integration simplifies the creation of analytic applications built on Hyperion Essbase OLAP Server from relational data warehouses or data marts. It also enables users to easily move data from the Sagent Solution via the Hyperion Integration Server to Hyperion Essbase OLAP Server without having to recreate work.

"Meta data describing the star schema of the data warehouse or data mart, such as dimensions, facts, and measures, is created as part of the building and population process in Sagent," says Murphy. "This same metadata is required by the Architect component of Hyperion Integration Server."

By automatically populating this meta data into the HIS repository from Sagent's non-proprietary, relational repository, the amount of design work required in Hyperion Integration Server is reduced and the overall process accelerated. Users can then focus on Essbase-specific tasks in Hyperion Integration Server Builder. This integration "jump starts" the process of building and deploying a wide range of analytic applications for reporting, analysis, modelling and planning.

The Sagent Solution provides a visual programming environment, a library of pre-built data warehouse specific components, and an application engine to simplify the task of transforming and moving business data from several disparate sources into a star schema-based data warehouse.