Only Limitation is your Imagination

Susan Andre2005

Alicornio Africa is the only solution when it comes to enterprise information integration. Since 1999, we have been positioned as BI industry pioneers, and have consistently stretched the boundaries of information integration through intelligent consultation, informative training and world class technology. The result? The Business Intelligence consultancy of choice.

As the authority on business intelligence, we choose to implement software that compliments our intellectual property. As such, we are the exclusive distributors of the Sagent Solution. The Sagent Solution is recognised as being an EII benchmarking technology, and is some five years more advanced than competitors. Sagent is the only fully integrated Data Warehousing, ETL and Analytical Reporting suite on the market. Together with Alicornio, the Sagent Solution offers an holistic solution to EII, Cleansing, Enhancement, Merging and Advanced Analytics, to name a few.

Doc 1, advanced Customer Communications Management, is a new addition to our suite of offerings. Doc 1 generates high-volume personalised documents accommodating multi-channel delivery options. This adds a new dimension to information delivery mechanisms and complements Alicornio’s BI solution.

Alicornio offers proficient and professional consulting services. Through our experience and guidance, businesses are privy to taking operations to the next level – a level that stretches beyond the limitations of the imagination. Business intelligence strategy, Data Warehouse Architecture, Dimensional Design and Modelling, Project Management, and software implementation are some of the areas in which we excel.

Alicornio has mastered information integration, and education is one of the pillars on which the business is founded. We invite all BI practitioners to attend the classes we run throughout the year.

For more information contact Alicornio Africa on 011 258 8739 or e-mail