Sagent and ESRI partnership provides real-time Web and data access

Susan Andre2000

Sagent Technology, a provider of real-time e-business intelligence solutions, has formed a strategic partnership with ESRI, a provider of geographic information systems (GIS) software, to deliver real-time access to third-party content.

Sagent's Web-based information service, Centrus Real-Time, which is used to solve a variety of industry-specific problems, has been incorporated into ESRI's business applications. This has been done to enable ESRI and its customers to improve customer service, increase revenues and reduce costs using accurate geographic, demographic and firmographic customer information.

"Accurate data access and spatial analysis improves quality of geographically based sales and marketing campaigns," says Paul Murphy, sales and marketing director of Sagent SA. "Accuracy of data and rapid data delivery are invaluable assets for businesses seeking to identify new market opportunities.

"Sagent's ability to deliver comprehensive third-party customer and geography-specific data, combined with ESRI's GIS business applications, provides customers with a powerful set of tools for identifying and analysing appropriate markets to gain competitive advantages." Murphy relates further that with the integration of a real-time information service and GIS software, ESRI customers can conduct precise market analysis, significantly reducing the cost and time involved in 'start-to-finish' GIS projects that use spatial components such as, street addresses, postal codes, product registration codes and geographic co-ordinates. It also enables ESRI customers to significantly improve their cross-sell and up-sell campaigns, one-to-one marketing and direct marketing programs.