Sagent announces robust support for Web services

Susan Andre2002

New feature available through Sagent's early access programme

Sagent, a leading provider of enterprise business intelligence solutions, has announced that it is building functionality into its fourth quarter product release that will provide support for Web services standards.

These new features will allow Sagent customers to more easily embed BI (business intelligence) into their operational applications, build closed-loop analytic solutions, and develop collaborative BI solutions using data from multiple organizations. This release will also allow Sagent OEM and ISV partners to more rapidly integrate ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) and ETP (Extract, Transform and Present) functionality into their applications.

"Sagent has a long history of innovation in business intelligence, and with this new release we intend to establish leadership in the emerging BI Web services market," said Dave Henry, Vice President of Product Marketing at Sagent. "Companies will now be able to leverage Sagent's unique Data Flow technology – which effectively performs set-based analysis at any point in a data stream – within a multitude of new applications."

In 1996, Sagent shipped the first version of the Sagent Solution, a pioneering release that included the industry's first dynamic information delivery server: Sagent WebLink. Over the years, hundreds of Sagent customers have used WebLink to quickly deliver large volumes of business-critical information to employees, customers and partners across intranets and the Internet. With its fourth quarter product release, Sagent will introduce the next generation of its Web services technology, evolving WebLink into a standards-compliant platform service that allows Sagent's advanced data flow technology and analytic components to be accessed using a newly developed, open, and portable API.
This new technology works with the Sagent Data Access Server and Metadata Repository to execute Sagent Plans and deliver the output to applications that can "consume" Web services. Key new features include:

  • A SOAP-based interface to the Sagent BI Platform accessible from J2EE and .Net using a variety of programming languages such as Java, C++, C#, and VB, among others;
  • Automatic description of Sagent Plans using the Web Service Description Language (WSDL);
  • Automatic publication of Sagent Plans in local XML registries using Web Service Inspection Language (WSIL);
  • Automatic publication of Sagent Plans in global XML registries using Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI);
  • Support for single sign-on and enterprise directory service integration (LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory); and
  • Compatibility with enterprise-level security encryption and authorization protocols (HTTPS, PKI, Kerberos).
  • This release will be available this winter through an early access programme. General availability is planned for the fourth quarter of 2002.

Sagent SA is the exclusive distributor of the Sagent Solution in Southern Africa. In addition to Sagent Solution training and services, Sagent SA conducts software independent education and consulting services. For more information, contact Sagent SA on (011) 258-8739 or visit


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