Sagent provides CRM system to utility sector

Susan Andre2000

Sagent Technology, a leading provider of real-time e-business intelligence solutions has announced that Mountain Energy Corp., a full-service gas marketing company, has licensed the end-to-end Sagent Solution to offer a Web-based customer relationship management system to its growing portfolio of energy and utility providers.

"Sagent delivers an open, scalable solution that addresses the complete lifecycle for e-business intelligence, including development, production and ongoing management of a company's information assets," says Paul Murphy, sales and marketing director of Sagent Technology, South Africa.

With Sagent's solution embedded in Mountain Energy's software-based energy and utility management system, Mountain Energy is able to provide the sales, marketing and operations management of its energy and utility customers.

The Sagent Solution allows Mountain Energy customers to collect customer information and business-critical operational data from internal back-end systems and to incorporate additional information from third-party content providers in real time. Energy and utility companies then analyse this complete customer view to determine the company's current position in the marketplace and respond quickly to market changes and customer needs.

"The Sagent Solution allows businesses to collect and analyse customer and operational data from existing systems and to incorporate the most current geographic, business-to-business and demographic information from third-party content providers in realtime," adds Murphy. " This information is then made available over the Web via a secure connection to create precise one-to-one marketing campaigns, identify profitable sales opportunities, and improve operational efficiencies."