Sagent, Sequoia create real-time BI portal

Susan Andre2000

Sagent's integration of Sequoia's XML technology provides the platform for new real-time business intelligence portal.

Sagent SA, e-business intelligence specialists and local distributor of Sagent Technology Inc solutions, has announced that an OEM (original equipment manufacturing) contract between Sequoia Software Corporation, a leading provider and innovator of XML-powered e-business software, and Sagent Technology Inc will create the industry's first interactive e-business intelligence portal. Sagent Technology has made a multi-million dollar commitment to purchase software licenses during the first three years of the five-year contract. Sagent is licensing Sequoia's XML technology for integration with the Sagent Solution. In addition to the OEM agreement, Sagent will also resell Sequoia's XML Portal Server (XPS) to its target Global 2000 customers.

"We evaluated portal technology from more than twenty vendors and Sequoia emerged as the clear leader," said Ken Gardner, president and CEO of Sagent Technology. "Sequoia's high performance architecture, and innovative and extensive use of XML made it especially attractive to Sagent. Combined with Sagent's comprehensive business intelligence solution, Sequoia's technology will provide our customers with unmatched access to personalised e-business intelligence in real time."

Sequoia has engineered its software products to be easily integrated with applications from other vendors. "The Sagent contract is the first fruit of our business development strategy, whereby Sequoia will OEM an XML-powered interactive e-business platform, broadening our distribution capability," said Mark Wesker, president and COO, Sequoia Software.

"E-business has challenged enterprises and vendors alike to deal with vastly increased data volume, variety and velocity," said Doug Laney, META Group Vice President. "Now armed with Sequoia's powerful XML-based technology, the already solution-rich Sagent boosts itself into the world of enterprise deployable analytics."

Sequoia's XML-based e-business software is distinctively capable of aggregating user-defined data and content from any variety of enterprise or Web-based information sources, enabling access and interaction with the most relevant information available, and personalising it according to individual user needs. Sagent will integrate its powerful and comprehensive business intelligence solution with Sequoia's technology to provide users with personalised access to the analytic tools, reports, and content they need to create precise one-to-one marketing campaigns, identify profitable sales opportunities, and improve operational efficiencies.

Susan Andre, MD of Sagent SA, says that this development provides real value-add to customers who are embracing e-business for supply chain optimisation, enterprise resource planning and e-knowledge management.

"The power of this partnership brings significant competitive advantage as information is turned into business intelligence and made readily accessible across the Web. Whatever the e-strategy, it makes real-time current and secure sources available on the desktop."