Sagent brings realtime XML Web service to SA

Susan Andre2000

Sagent SA, local provider of e-business intelligence solutions, has announced the availability in South Africa of Centrus Real-Time. This follows parent company Sagent Technology’s introduction of the product, the first dynamic XML-based information service that dynamically delivers value-added information at the point of customer interaction. “Centrus Real-Time is a vehicle for the dynamic management and delivery of the complete 360-degree view of the customer,” says Paul Murphy, marketing and sales director of Sagent SA. “By combining internal prospect, customer and operational information with data from a wide variety of third-party value-added content providers, companies can make informed decisions in realtime, giving immediate support to e-business initiatives.”

In support of customer relationship management (CRM), companies can get fast and accurate insight of customer needs and behaviour. Changes can be tracked by comparing existing information with current market trends. Centrus Real-Time adds significant value for businesses that want to augment their customer data with value-added geographic, business-to-business and demographic information.

Centrus Real-Time can also be used to solve a variety of industry-specific problems, such as DSL Loop qualification in the telecommunications market, automated underwriting in the insurance industry, and address validation and verification to reduce fraud and increase customer satisfaction in e-business.

“The information velocity demanded by today’s e-business analytic applications discounts the value,” comments Doug Laney, META Group Senior Program Director.

“Furthermore, the urgency of these analytic solutions often prohibits enterprises from embarking on protracted corporate customer data integration efforts. Solutions like Centrus Real-Time that improve the quality of customer data in ‘Internet time’ can have a profound affect on the quality of resultant analytics, customer relationships, and the bottomline.” Centrus Real-Time is the newest extension to the Centrus product line from Sagent. Centrus Online provides the same access to external information as Centrus Real-Time, but it is designed to handle large files of information rather than single record requests. The complete Centrus information service is available through the portal.